Idega Open Source

Main Components

These are the main components included in the base platform:

Form Builder

  • Web 2.0 XForms builder based on Chiba
  • Style-able and interactive
  • Saveable forms
  • Plug-able
  • Reusable components
  • PDF Export
  • Multi data sources
  • Versioning and Live Update

Portal Designer and CMS/DMS

  • Web 2.0 Portal Builder based on Java Server Faces
  • Theme-able
  • User, Group management
  • Advanced security controls
  • Document Management
  • Component based
  • Completely Localizable
  • Remote drive access (WebDAV)

BPM Engine and Task system

  • BPM Engine based on JBoss JBPM
  • Visual Designer
  • XForms integration
  • Case log integration
  • DMS integration
  • Versioned processes
  • Hot-Updateable

Interactive Case Log/Registry

  • Complete overview of running processes and cases
  • Unified interface for tasks, documents, emails, messages and relevant contacts of cases
  • Very flexible access control
  • BPM built processes or coded process via API
  • Built in comments component with attachments, monitoring and RSS support
  • Excel export
  • Search
  • Metrics Reports

E-Services/Forms Registry

  • Supports XForms, XForms BPM, Links to HTML and PDF applications and coded processes
  • eServices category management
  • Access controllable for different target audiences
  • Controllable by open or registration required
  • Publishing
  • Flexibly CSS Styleable

Users/Customers My Pages

  • An interactive start page after login
  • Multiple new user registration modules depending on the available user/customer information
  • Ready to use My Page site tree for customers and staff members
  • Customizable by roles
  • “My Cases” overview
  • “My messages” overview
  • Various widgets available such as weather, video, rss views
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